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NASA Converts “Light Echoes” From The Black Hole To Sound

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We have done a lot of space exploration, but the #blackhole’s mysteries still baffle us. # In a recent movie, NASA made an effort to describe the wonders of the frightening phenomenon. The “light echoes” from the black hole were turned into sound on Friday by the US Space Agency.

The space agency posted the video to Instagram. “Black holes are notorious for not allowing light (radio, visible, and X-rays) to escape. However, the surrounding material can emit powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiation. These light bursts can bounce off clouds of gas and dust in space, similar to how light beams from a car’s headlight scatter off the fog,” the researchers wrote.

In the video, a background of stars surrounds the red circular bands. The bottom and inner parts of the black hole system are highlighted by blue bars. “The cursor moves in a circle outward from the center of the image during sonification. As it passes through the light echoes detected in X-rays (shown in the image as concentric rings in blue by Chandra and red by Swift), tick-like sounds and volume changes indicate the detection of X-rays and the variations in brightness” the caption continues.

According to NASA, the black hole in the video is located 7,800 lightyears away from the planet. The material from a companion star in orbit around the black hole, which has a mass between five and ten times that of the Sun, is “funnelled into a disc that encircles the stellar-mass black hole,” the researchers claim. The system V404 Cygni contains a black hole. A new sonification technique has been used to turn the “light echoes” from the V404 Cygni black hole into sound.

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