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Nani claims that Jersey is his film and that he plans to attend the Shahid Kapoor version as an audience member.

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Nani’s Jersey, directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, is still fresh in everyone’s memory. In the film, the actor played a cricketer and gave a powerful performance. The celebrity also spoke about his feelings towards the Hindi remake of Jersey. “, he explained “I was ecstatic to watch the trailer, and I could see that a lot of effort had gone into it. I’m certain that Gowtam will do it correct based on the pictures.”

He said, “I cannot let go of my version of Jersey. If someone had just replaced the head of the actor with another, then it will bother me. But, here, the story is being retold by the same director, Gowtam Tinnanuri. There is so much heart in Jersey because of Gowtam, his vision and the way he wrote his script. When the original director is handling it [the remake], I know the Hindi version will receive the same love. Jersey is my film – it is a beautiful story and is close to my heart. No matter when I am watching Jersey, along with the story, I will also be seeing if I delivered it right. So, there will be a sense of detachment to the story where I look at myself and say, ‘hey you didn’t do it right’. I wanted to experience the story like an audience,” said Nani.

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