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Nancy Pelosi: The Hammer Attack has Traumatized Us

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Hammer Attack

Hammer Attack

According to #NancyPelosi, she is “heartbroken and traumatised” by her husband’s brutal hammer attack. According to the speaker of the US House of Representatives, her family was “grateful for the prompt arrival of law enforcement” and for his medical attention. A man attacker attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer at the couple’s San Francisco residence on Friday. After the incident, the 82-year-condition old’s “continues to improve,” according to Mrs. Pelosi.

He is still undergoing “life-saving” care at the hospital despite having a fractured head, injuries to his right arm, and injuries to his hands, she said. US President Joe Biden has denounced the assault on House Speaker Paul Pelosi. After Vice President #KamalaHarris, Mrs. Pelosi, 82, is one of the most influential leaders in the nation and is next in line for the president.

After Vice President Kamala Harris, she was re-elected to a fourth term as Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2021, placing her second in line for the president. The native of Baltimore has served as the congressional representative for the San Francisco region since 1987, and she normally alternates her time between California and Washington, DC. In preparation for the midterm elections, she is presently fundraising and canvassing for Democrats across the nation.

Paul Pelosi, a multimillionaire who founded a venture capital firm, was born and raised in San Francisco and currently makes his home there. Five children have been born to the couple since their marriage began in 1963. Since the riot at the US Capitol in January 2021, members of Congress have been on high alert regarding security risks. During the riot, supporters of then-President #DonaldTrump ransacked Mrs. Pelosi’s office in the building. In regards to political violence, US President #JoeBiden has denounced the assault on Paul Pelosi and declared that “enough is enough.”

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