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Nadda Resembles Rahul with billionaire George Soros

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Rahul with billionaire George Soros

Rahul with billionaire George Soros

Terming Rahul Gandhi’s recent statements on democracy in the country as an attack on India’s sovereignty, BJP president Nadda on Friday wondered what the true meaning of the senior leader was when he asked the US and the UK to “interface” in the domestic affairs of this country.

Summoning an apology from Rahul for his statements, the BJP chief delineated a comparison between the congress leader and American billionaire George Soros recently made remarks about democracy in India and stated that both were speaking the same “language.”

Nadda asked in a video message, “Why do George Soros and Rahul Gandhi speak the same language? Why do Pakistan and Congress speak similarly.” Acclaiming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his Government’s accomplishments and the international distinction he has earned.

Nadda stated, “Italian PM has called PM Modi ‘the most lovable’ PM. From the World Bank to the IMF, all appreciate development in India.” India, he stated, was the mother of democracy. No power in the world could harm the democratic legacy of India, he counted. “Today, no one listens to your party in the country, and the public does not trust you. This is the reason why your party has been nearly wiped off,” he added.

Nadda Stated that in India’s History since independence, even in the most challenging times, none of India’s leaders ever implored foreign powers to act against India’s leaders ever petitioned foreign authorities to operate against the Indian Government.

He said, “It’s unfortunate that the Congress party is indulging in anti-national activities. After being repeatedly rejected by the nation, Rahul Gandhi has now become a permanent part of this anti-nationalist toolkit.” The President of BJP added, “At a time when India is becoming the 5th largest economy in the world, and G20 meetings are being held here, Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil is insulting the nation and the Parliament.”

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