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N Korea Warns “Overwhelming” Response To US-South Korea War Games

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According to state media on Monday, the #North Korean military declared that its response to US-South Korean war games would be “resolute and overwhelming.” The warning was issued following a series of North Korean weapons tests last week, including one involving an intercontinental ballistic missile, while South Korea and the United States were engaged in their largest-ever air force drill.

Such missile launches by North Korea could result in a nuclear test, according to warnings from the United States and South Korea.  According to the official Korean Central News Agency, the Korean People’s Army (KPA), the North Korean military, responded by calling the US-South Korean exercise Vigilant Storm “an obvious provocation” (KCNA).

Vigilant Storm was “intended to deliberately escalate regional tension and a risky war simulation of very high aggressive nature directly targeting” North Korea. According to North Korea, any “anti-DPRK war drills” will be met with “sustained, decisive, and overwhelming” measures. The practice was criticized, but the United States dismissed it as North Korean propaganda and claimed it posed no threat to other countries.

According to KCNA, the North Korean air force also carried out a “large-scale all-out combat sortie operation” with 500 aircraft. South Korea’s mobilization on Friday led to the activation of fighter jets. Images of North Korean military exercises made public by KCNA on Monday showed missiles being launched from a variety of unidentified locations, some of which were mobile launchers.

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