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Mystery Of 20,000-Year-old Ice Age Drawings Solved By Furniture Conservator

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Ice age

Ice age

Ben Bacon, a furniture conservator, made a crucial discovery in London that helped understand why the Ice Age hunter-gatherers drew cave paintings. Bacon analyzed the 20,000-year-old markings on the drawings and concluded that they might refer to a lunar calendar. This helped a specialist team prove how early Europeans made notes about the timing of the animals’ reproductive cycles. Bacon commented that he felt “surreal” to perform what hunter-gatherers existed, endeavoring to communicate. Across Europe, researchers include discovered cave images of animals like fish, cattle, and reindeer. 

So, Bacon solved the mystery behind marks. He spent long hours researching the British Library. He “amassed data and began looking for repeating patterns.”

He noticed that the ‘Y’ sign was present in some of the paintings, and he analyzed that the symbol can be identified as “giving birth.” As he advanced his research, he asked his seniors for help and his academics and friends. He collaborated with a team that included Durham University’s two professors and one professor from University College London.

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