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Musk Testifies On Second Day Of Tesla Tweet Trial; Says Buying Share At $420 Was No Joke

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk reappeared in a San Francisco federal courtroom on Monday as the trial over his 2018 tweets restarts. The billionaire has been accused of cheating the investors and costing them millions of dollars with allegedly false tweets about having the funding assured to take Tesla private.

During the test, Musk told jurors he was convinced he had closed up “financial support” from Saudi investors. “So essentially I took that to mean it was a done deal,” Musk said. But when contended with exchanges, the investors required more details before reserving his buyout program, to which Musk said that the fund was “backpedalling,” AFP said.

He testified that he comprehended the fund would do whatever it took to take Tesla private, and had the abundant wealth to do it. Guiding SpaceX, Musk told the jury, with SpaceX’s stock alone. He handled funding that was secured for the buyout. He added that he chose not to take Tesla private due to a lack of help from the investors.  Furthermore, during the test, a plaintiff’s lawyer argued that Musk’s buyout figure at $420 is a famous rallying code for marijuana, which Musk uses.

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