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Musical Ukrainian expats raise their voices in support of their homeland

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            Fearful of the conflict raging in their homeland, Ukrainians living abroad are assisting their brothers and sisters in every way they can, even with violins and excellent singing.

Desperate for supplies to deliver to their countrymen, a group of musical Ukrainians organised an impromptu performance in Vienna, Austria, to generate funds that will be put onto a fleet of buses and sent 600 kilometres east to the Ukrainian border.

Anton Yeretsky, a conductor who is one of the 7,000 or so Ukrainians who live in Vienna, was the inspiration for the choir and orchestra performances. He defined music as a sign of hope and serenity in a time of conflict, as well as a means of assisting the resistance among Ukrainians who are unable or unable to leave the nation. His mother is among those who remain in Ukraine “waiting for the proper opportunity” to join the 2.2 million who have migrated to neighbouring nations. He claims that the roads in Ukraine are too unsafe for her to leave her small-town home while Russian armies sweep across the nation.

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