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Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan Donates B negative blood

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            Hrithik Roshan stated on Instagram that he has the rare blood type B negative. He posted a picture of himself donating blood and asked his fans and followers to do the same.

Hrithik took up this endeavour to raise awareness about blood donation because February 17 was World Random Acts of Kindness Day. An inquisitive admirer commented on the post, wondering if the receiver of Hrithik’s blood would change into Krishh.

Hrithik Roshan’s relationship with ‘mystery girl’ Saba Azad has made news. The two were spotted on a date earlier this week.

On February 17, the Super 30 star shared a selfie of himself donating blood on Instagram. “I was told that my blood group B-negative is an uncommon kind”, he wrote. Hospitals frequently fall short of this standard. Promising to be a little component of the highly big blood banks. Thank you for allowing me to contribute, @kokilabenhospital. Thank you for your exceptional care and professionalism, Drs Rajesh Sawant, Raees Ahmed, and Pradnya.

Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik’s father, commented in the comments section, “Proud of you”. A humorous reply from a fan was what stole the cake. “Will the person who gets this blood change in to Krishh?” the user wondered.

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