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Most-Watched Movies And TV Shows Of 2022 – Netflix

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Even though Netflix is currently the most popular streaming service in the world, it experienced unusual difficulties in 2022. According to reports, they claimed to have lost 200,000 and 1 million users in April and July. Yet, the fourth season of its wildly popular series “Stranger Things” assisted them in reducing losses to some extent. The streamer has suggested ad-supported plans and a limit on sharing credentials among family and friends to regain the market share that has been lost and, presumably, to retain already subscribed users. However, these concepts need to be used more widely. The top movies and TV shows on the platform this year are listed below.

Top Movies:

1. ‘The Gray Man’

2. ‘The Adam Project’

3. Purple Hearts

4. Hustle

5. The Tinder Swindler

6. The Sea Beast

7. Enola Holmes 2

8. Senior Year

9. The Man from Toronto

10. Day Shift

TV Shows

1. ‘Stranger Things’ 4

2. ‘Wednesday’

3. ‘Dahmer’

4. ‘Bridgerton’ S2

5. ‘Inventing Anna’

6. ‘Ozark’ S4

7. ‘The Watcher’

8. ‘The Sandman’

9. ‘The Umbrella Academy’ S3

10. ‘Virgin River’ S4

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