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Mom is awestruck when her 14-year-old son’s’school business’ earns Rs 1,000 every day.

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A 14-year-old boy’s mother was “proud, amused, and amazed” when she learned that he earns £10 (approximately Rs 1000) every day at his school through a business he started a few years ago. The mother posted on Mumsnet, a website where parents may seek advice from other parents in the UK, that her son has opened his own tuck shop at school and that his ‘company’ is fast developing, which is why “he’s presently making roughly ten pounds a day in profit.” Isn’t it incredible?

“From a few pounds here and there, his ‘company’ has grown dramatically in the last three weeks, and he now has a sizable following at school – and he’s presently profiting at around ten quid every day. I’m astounded by the figures “According to the Mirror, she wrote on Mumsnet.

He takes his business “extremely seriously and is highly organized,” according to his mother. He informed his parents that the size of his company is determined by the amount of sweets and candies he can carry in his bag, therefore for the time being, he is concentrating on “smaller, higher-value sweets.”

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