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Mexico Gripped By TikTok Challenge That Leaves School Students Intoxicated

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Authorities in Mexico are alerting about a viral TikTok challenge that has left school students intoxicated. The challenge with the slogan “The last one to fall asleep wins” concerns people trying to stay awake after drinking a drug called clonazepam which is used for treating seizures, panic attacks, and anxiety, a statement by news agency AFP said early Saturday (January 21). One of the side results of clonazepam is tiredness.

Several videos have been posted on TikTok of people recording themselves taking the drug to observe the results, while others have posted videos cautioning about the dangers of the challenge. 

On Thursday, Mexico City’s public security department said paramedics had treated five intoxicated minors at a school. On the other hand, sources in the northern state of Nuevo Leon saw three such cases. None of the students was extremely ill. 

Alma Rosa, the health secretary of Nuevo Leon, said that such challenges that spread through networks often put people’s health at risk, the AFP statement added. Yet, this TikTok challenge was even seen in Chile. 

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