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Mexico Earthquake: 2 People Died And 200 Buildings Were Damaged

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Mexico Earthquake

Mexico Earthquake

A government official reported that two people have already died as a result of the strong earthquake that slammed western Mexico on Monday. The earthquake occurred on the “curse” anniversary of two previous quakes in the nation, prompting authorities to assess the damage. The two fatalities in Colima on Tuesday were attributed to the partial collapse of structures, according to Laura Velazquez, the director of Mexico’s civil protection department. Additionally, ten persons were hurt nine in Colima and one in the nearby Michoacan province.

More than 200 structures were damaged, including numerous schools and medical facilities. The earthquake that struck on the same day as two earlier quakes that ravaged Mexico in 1985 and 2017, respectively, primarily caused damage in the Pacific states of Colima and Michoacan, close to the Michoacan epicenter. 20 structures in Mexico City had minor damage, and 692 aftershocks, the biggest of which occurred on Tuesday morning at a magnitude of 5.8, have been registered since the earthquake.

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