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Metaverse wedding: A couple from Tamil Nadu conducts a wedding in the Metaverse.

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On February 6, Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy married at Sivalingapuram, a tiny tribal community in the state of Tamil Nadu. Friends and relatives from all across the world were able to attend the wedding celebration, which was hosted entirely online.

“Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, I had to limit the number of guests at my wedding and celebration to 100. So I planned to have my wedding at Sivalingapuram in front of a small group of people and have my reception virtually on the metaverse. For the past year, I’ve also been working on blockchain technology “According to Dinesh, who spoke to The New Indian Express.

TardiVerse, a start-up, spent a month designing the metaverse where the event took place. For the wedding reception in the virtual world of Metaverse, an avatar of the bride’s father-in-law was also constructed.

Dinesh told CNN before the wedding, “My father-in-law died away last April.” “So I’m making a 3D avatar that resembles (him), and I’m hoping he’ll bless me and my fiancée.” That’s something only the metaverse allows us to do.”

He told Times Of India, “I came up with the notion of having a Metaverse wedding event, and my fiancee loved the idea as well.” “For the past year, I’ve been interested in crypto and blockchain technology, and I’ve been mining ethereum, a type of cryptocurrency. Because blockchain is the foundation of Metaverse, when my wedding date was set, I considered hosting a celebration there “Added he.

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