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Meta Employee Layoff: Mark Zuckerberg To Fire 11,000 more Meta Employees In upcoming Days

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Meta Employee Layoff

Meta Employee Layoff

This year, giant tech companies like Google and Microsoft had a big layoff, so many layoffs and thousands of employees across the globe. Companies like Amazon even moved forward with the second round of layoffs to cut costs further and deal with the ongoing untimely hint that Mark Zuckerberg is looking toward another round of layoffs across the Meta division. Reports suggest that Meta is again planning a new round of layoffs, with the first round expected to lay off many of its 11,000 employees. The recent report from Bloomberg notes that Meta is gearing up for more job cuts in the coming days as it reports lower profit and sales.

The reports said that meta is asking its directors and vice versa presidents to draw up a list of employees who could be fired. Simultaneously, Meta is also working to flatten its organization and giving managers buyout packages. The report quotes that the fresh round of layoff is definite from the company’s move to flatten the organization and is driven by Meta’s goal to achieve financial targets.

A new layoff is excepted to start soon, as Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce before he goes on parental leave for his third child. After announcing the layoffs last year in November, Mark Zuckerberg said that 2023 would be the company’s “year of efficiency,” The same thing was communicated across the employees during the annual performance reviews last month. A Meta spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal, “We’ve always had a goal-based culture of high performance, and our review process is intended to incentivize long-term thinking and high-quality work while helping employees get actionable feedback.”

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