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Meta delays opening in order to mandates Booster Doses

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            Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has postponed its U.S. office reopening date and enforced COVID-19 booster doses for staff returning to work, joining a growing list of corporations revising reopening plans as Omicron rises, according to Reuters.

All employees returning to work will be required to show documentation of booster shots, while the business closely monitors the Omicron variant issue, according to the corporation.

“The reopening date for staff who choose to work from the office has been postponed to March 28 from the initial schedule of Jan 31, the tech giant stated on Monday,” the business said. Employees who wish to work remotely after March 28 must obtain a deferment from Meta by mid-March, with deferrals lasting between three and five months.

“Given the current Covid-19 scenario, we’re committed on ensuring our workers continue to have options about where they work,” Janelle Gale, Meta’s vice president of human resources, said in a statement. “We recognize that the ongoing uncertainty makes it tough to make decisions about where to work, so we’re giving them more time to figure out what works best for them.”

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