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Meta Bans Targeted Ads At Teenagers Based On Gender

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Tightening the advertising policy for young users, especially teens, Meta on Tuesday reported it was extracting gender as an option for advertisers to target the said demography. 

In a blog post, Meta informed that starting next month, the advertisers will only get their hands over teens’ age and location data globally.

“Beginning in February, advertisers will only be able to use age and location to reach teens; we are removing gender as a targeting option.”

“For that reason, we’re further restricting the options advertisers have to reach teens, as well as the information we use to show ads to teens.”

Further, any teenagers’ previous arrangement across Meta’s subsidiary applications will not influence the kind of ads they see. Beginning in March, the teens will have a more significant say in the ads they see on their feeds. Ad Topics Controls, a feature already unrestricted on Meta, will allow teens to choose their preferences and control the ads. 

Meta currently prohibits serving advertisements to minors related to alcohol, financial products, and weight loss effects. The changes rolled in by Meta, owner of Instagram of Facebook, come in the backdrop of indictments that dubbed the outlet destructive for young users. Moreover, the changes may have been fast-tracked after European Union (EU) controllers beat the company with a $414 million fine over data violations. 

The 27-nation bloc also denied the company from convincing users to receive tailored advertisements based on online behavior.

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