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Megalodon Thrashed An Ancient Whale, Newly Discovered Fossil

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Scientists discovered a whale fossil that was killed by a megalodon, a famous shark that lived 20 to 3.6 million years ago. According to Mashable, the fossil indicates that the whale was attacked, bitten, and thrashed by the bus-sized shark. Last month, experts from the University of Zurich collaborated to create a 3D scan of the big shark, which revealed that it weighed more than 61 tonnes and was 16 meters in length. The gigantic monster could also swim across the oceans at 1.4 meters per second, according to the experts.

Mike Ellwood found the fossil while working for the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland, USA. Two whale vertebrae and a megalodon tooth were discovered in the 15-million-year-old fossil.

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