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McDonald’s Advertising Discrimination Complaint Is Approved By A US Judge

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A federal judge has given the all-clear to a discrimination action in which McDonald’s is alleged to have refused to run advertisements on Beck-owned media networks. Black media entrepreneur Byron Allen accused the fast food behemoth of utilizing a racially discriminatory contradictory technique in a complaint that was first submitted in May 2021. However, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in December because the charges were not sufficiently established. Following a protracted legal battle, the lawsuit was allowed to proceed on Friday after the same court rejected McDonald’s request to dismiss it.

Allen’s case, according to Loretta Lynch, a current partner at the law firm Weiss that is representing McDonald, is about revenue, not a race. The plaintiffs’ baseless accusations, she continued, “ignore both McDonald’s valid economic reasons for not investing more in their networks and the company’s long-standing business partnerships with many other diverse-owned partners.” The outcome of this legal dispute has not yet been made public. The fast food juggernaut is reportedly refuting Allen’s charges, though.

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