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Massive asteroid; to pass Earth in January

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On January 18, 2022, an asteroid almost twice the size of the Empire State Building will fly by the Earth, adding to the litany of cosmic events that are anticipated to occur that year.

The space rock, Asteroid 7482, is hurtling through at a speed of 69,200 kilometers per hour, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). Despite being classified as a potentially hazardous asteroid, NASA thinks that it will pass our planet safely at a distance of roughly 1.9 million kilometers, or five times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Asteroid 7482, also known as 1994 PC1, has a massive diameter of 3,280 feet but can only be observed via a telescope due to its immense distance. This space rock orbits the Sun every 1.5 years and will not get within a few miles of Earth until 2051. Furthermore, the asteroid made its closest approach to Earth in 1933, when it was barely 1.1 million kilometers away.

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