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Mark Zuckerberg Questioned By Meta Employees In Meeting

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Mark Zuckerberg Questioned By Meta Employees In Meeting

Mark Zuckerberg Questioned By Meta Employees In Meeting

According to a report, workers at Meta confronted Mark Zuckerberg at an all-parties meeting on Friday after learning about the notable layoffs at their company.

As a part of the company’s “Year of Efficiency,” the CEO of Meta disclosed on Facebook, dated March 14, that they want to lay off another 10,000 employees and implement a hold on new hiring.

Which acquire a note of the meeting on March 16 reported that Zuckerberg answered queries and tried to detail Meta’s reconstructing and reorganization strategy.

 As reported by the news outlet, “Zuckerberg was asked how employees are expected to trust the company’s leadership after two rounds of layoffs. He said that he would expect to be evaluated based on the company’s performance and transparency about its mission, but that leaders should be allowed to change their thinking.”

“I would guess that the way people would evaluate whether you trust me and want to work at this company is whether we are succeeding in making progress toward the overall stated goals,” Zuckerberg said in the town hall. “I think a lot of this is about the results we are able to deliver.”

A question on the company’s plans for working from home was also posed to Zuckerberg. He said it might be “an ongoing conversation,” but he didn’t rule out the possibility of return-to-office orders.

Another worker raised the psychological results of the layoffs on the company’s employees. Mr. Zuckerberg acknowledged that the uncertainty resulting from disclosing layoff intentions in advance is fundamental and added that “it’s not like we can just pause working while we are figuring this out.”

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