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Maharashtra Will No Longer Serve Mid-Day Meals Without Aadhaar Cards

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Mid - day meals

Mid - day meals

Food distribution under the Mid-Day Meal program will soon be connected to Aadhaar cards in Maharashtra, a state in western India. According to a government decree, the implementation of this rule is scheduled to begin in January 2023. However, a troubling study published by the state’s education department claims that at least 59 lakh youngsters are having problems with their Aadhaar cards.

State-wide statistics show that 23,313,762 kids are enrolled in government-sponsored and independent schools in Maharashtra. 8 percent of these or 1,955,515 children lack Aadhaar cards. 4,001,250 (18%) of the 21,358,247 children with Aadhaar enrollment who are still unenrolled now do not have a valid Aadhaar card.

There is no Aadhaar needed for school admissions, according to state education department officials. However, students would need to have a valid Aadhaar registration in order to use the facilities. The Mid-Day Lunch Scheme is an Indian school meal program created to raise the nutritional status of all school-age children in the country. Children participating in the program receive free lunches on school days. And, particularly in rural or tribally dominated areas, this has been a significant determinant of enrolment in schools.

The choice to integrate the Mid-Day scheme with Aadhaar has the potential to affect a number of variables. Each school is given a certain number of teacher positions based on the number of students enrolled. The change will have an effect on the calculations for hiring teachers.

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