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Magnus Carlsen’s Accusations Of Cheating Hans Niemann To Defend His Reputation

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Carlsen Accusation

Carlsen Accusation

After the internet #chess community revealed that American international grandmaster #Hans Niemann has “probably cheated more than 100 times” in online games, Niemann vowed on Wednesday that he “won’t back down.” Magnus Carlsen, the world champion from Norway, charged Niemann, 19, with cheating . Overall, we have discovered that Hans Niemann has most likely cheated in over 100 online chess games and includes several money events,” the leading online chess platform wrote , Shortly after the initial charges, on September 5, suspended Niemann; nevertheless, the website is denying any pressure from Carlsen, whose Play Magnus company it is in the process of purchasing.

Niemann claimed that his win in the US Chess Championship on Wednesday “spoke for itself and demonstrated the chess player that I am” after the match. Without going into further detail, he continued, “It also proved that I’m not going to back down and I’m going to play my best chess here regardless of the pressure that I’m under.” Grandmasters, the top rank of chess players, as well as an examination of moves made by computer programmes are two ways that claims it can identify cheating.

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