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Ponniyin Selvan Review

Ponniyin Selvan Review

Ponniyin Selvan: Part 1 is a movie that Mani Ratnam, Elango Kumaravel, and B Jeyamohan wrote, produced, and directed. The movie stars Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Jayam Ravi, Karthi, Trisha, Vikram Prabhu, Sobhitha Dhulipala, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Sarath kumar, Prakash Raj, Prabhu, Jayaram, and others in the key parts and is based on Kalki’s Novel. Mani Ratnam and Subaskaran are responsible for funding PS through their companies Madras Talkies and Lyca Productions, respectively.

After defeating the Rashtrakutas in the north, Aditha Karikalan (Vikram) asks his buddy Vanthiyathevan (Karthi) to deliver a letter to his father Sundara Chozhan and sister Princess Kundhavai (Trisha) . The movie recounts Vanthiyathevan’s exploits as he takes on more responsibilities from Kundhavai and Arunmozhi Varman (Jayam Ravi). In the meantime, a plot between the Chozha Throne and the chieftains led by Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar (Sarathkumar) and his brother Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar is underway in Thanjavur (Parthiban).

The plot itself is most likely what makes Ponniyin Selvan – Part 1 so intriguing. One could finally learn why Ponniyin Selvan is one of the most popular books in the nation after seeing the movie. Each scene has an inherent suspense that builds gradually and keeps us on the edge of our seats. It’s only natural for viewers of thriller movies to begin resolving situations in their heads. Similar to this, anytime a new character emerges on screen, we begin to view them suspiciously. Do they want to conspire against the Chozhas, or are they on the same side? Such inquiries increase the thrill.

While putting together a movie of this scope is undoubtedly challenging, a director with Mani Ratnam’s great visual sensibilities should have had no trouble envisioning the scenes and getting the performers to deliver the goods. This is because he is surrounded by a group of technicians who have repeatedly demonstrated their value.

The film’s cinematography does a great job of capturing the plot’s essence. The kingdom of Chozhas is unstable since the struggle for the throne serves as the central theme of the entire story. Even Ravi Varman’s camera moves about during the most of the movie. It never stops moving, which is a little unusual because often you would anticipate some things to be captured with the camera still. This new idea is profitable. Thota Tharani, the art director, also merits appreciation for his efforts in bringing the palace of Chozhas to life.

The actors are all perfectly cast for their respective roles in the movie, and they all emote beautifully. In the intermission, Vikram has a substantial scene to show off his acting prowess, Jayam Ravi is picture-perfect as Arunmozhi Varman, and Karthi is the star of the show. The casting of Aishwarya Rai as Nandhini was perfect, and she did a great job of effectively portraying the role’s dark undertones. Trisha receives a substantial role as Kundhavai and exudes beauty in every shot in what may be her best performance to date.

The wait for the Part 2 has already began with the surprise end twist. Once again Mani Ratnam proves why he is legendary director in Indian cinema. In one word film will takes you to “Kingdom of CHOLANS”

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