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Lufthansa Airlines Flight Deflected After Experiencing Heaviness, 7 People Hospitalized

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Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines Flight which experienced “significant turbulence,” was deflected to Washington Dulles International Airport, and seven people were hospitalized reported by officials.

Flight 469 from Austin, Texas, had been headed to Frankfurt, Germany, but landed Wednesday evening safely at the airport in Virginia, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokesman Michael Cabbage said. The Airbus A330 reported that after severe turbulence at an altitude of 37,000 feet, while flying over Tennessee, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that the agency is investigating. A passenger Susan Zimmermann, 34, of Austin, Texas, said a pilot said the cabin had suddenly fallen about 1,000 feet. 

“It felt like the bottom just dropped out from underneath,” she said in a phone interview.”Everything was floating up. For a moment, you are weightless.” This incident happened after 90 minutes of takeoff, and landing has done as a precaution, Lufthansa stated. After landing, the affected people were taken care and ground staff was working to rebook the passenger’s tickets to their destination. The storms moved across Tennessee on Wednesday night, which created a strong wind in the upper atmosphere, Senior Forecaster with the National Weather Service Scott Unger. He said, “It was very windy aloft, which could easily lead to the possibility of turbulence with any flight.” Zimmermann, who is five months pregnant, said she was safely wearing a seatbelt; otherwise, she and her baby will be been injured. “I’m pretty sure she slept through it,” she said. “She’s surrounded in amniotic fluid.”

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