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Liz Truss Won’t Advise Households To Reduce Their Energy Use

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Liz Truss

Liz Truss

Despite concerns about shortages and the rising cost of living, Liz Truss won’t advise households to reduce their energy use. Although there are mounting fears about shortages, Liz Truss ruled out any rationing this winter, so households and companies would not be asked to cut back on their energy use. The UK’s higher energy costs, the Prime Minister argued, were “a price worth paying” in the struggle against Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. However, Ms. Truss dismissed any suggestions of advising consumers to cut back on their energy use, in spite of widespread concerns over the security of the energy supply in light of Russia’s decision to shut off its Nord Stream One gas pipeline to Europe.

On her journey to New York, she told reporters, “We are not talking about energy restriction. “Of course, I always favor energy efficiency measures, such as home insulation, because it makes sense because energy prices are greater than they were. Despite the fact that we have a dependable energy supply, there is a tremendous incentive for businesses and households to engage in energy efficiency. She further stated that consumers were free to “make their own decisions” regarding how to lower their energy costs. Her remarks are in sharp contrast to those of Germany, Spain, and a number of other European nations, all of whom have made announcements about initiatives to reduce energy use.

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