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LIVE Updates from the Ukraine War: Russia Enters Kyiv’s Obolon District; Ukraine President Says Troops Are Targeting Citizens; 118 Military Sites Destroyed

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Ukraine is at war. LIVE BREAKING NEWS: According to BNO news, the Kyiv bridge was blown up to prevent Russian soldiers from entering the city.

Russian soldiers are now only kilometers (roughly 20 miles) away from Kyiv, according to CNN and the Guardian, citing US authorities, and a series of strikes have targeted civilian objects in the city. These, according to President Zelensky, are an attempt to put pressure on both citizens and officials in Ukraine.Ukraine’s president said on Friday that his nation had been left to battle Russia on its own after Moscow launched a large-scale invasion that murdered 130 Ukrainians on the first day. “We have been left alone to protect our state,” Volodymyr Zelensky declared after midnight in a video message to the country. “Is anyone willing to fight beside us?” I don’t think I’ve seen anyone. Who is willing to ensure Ukraine’s NATO membership? “Everyone is terrified,” he continued.

Since the onslaught began early Thursday, 137 Ukrainians, both military and civilians, have been murdered, according to Zelensky. He said that another 316 people had been injured.

Zelensky also claimed that Russian “sabotage forces” had reached Kyiv’s capital, urging residents to be watchful and adhere to a curfew. Despite Russia designating him as “target number one,” the president said he and his family stayed in Ukraine. “They aim to destabilize Ukraine politically by toppling the president,” Zelensky stated.

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