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Live Trump news: Ex-President mocks Biden for being sanctioned by Russia

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            In a tweet on Russia sanctioning President Joe Biden, Donald Trump rehashed an unfounded charge that Mr Biden had a conflict of interest with Russia and was “slow on the draw” when Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump also congratulated Paul Mango on the publication of his new book, Warp Speed, which details Operation Warp Speed’s efforts to deliver immunizations against Covid-19.

Meanwhile, a Democratic Party fundraising committee announced that it will hold the former president accountable by filing a formal complaint against him after he was accused of unlawfully spending political funds on campaigning for president without first registering as a candidate.

American Bridge, a Democrat-aligned political action group, announced late Monday that it had already filed a complaint with the US Federal Election Commission on Mr Trump’s behaviour.

“We’re holding him accountable for breaking the law”, the organisation claimed.

Mr Trump continues to gloat to his followers that, despite accusations that he was unable to prevent Vladimir Putin’s goals in the post-Soviet area, “no one was harsher on Russia” than him – and that “my personality is what kept us out of war”.

He further claimed that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “may spark World Battle III”, adding that his successor, Joe Biden, can still “put a stop to this tragedy without entangling Americans in a terrible and very bloody war”.

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