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Live News Updates from Delhi: Security has been beefed up for Holi and Shab-e-Barat, and the Covid wards at Lok Nayak Hospital are vacant for the first time in history

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            As the city prepares to celebrate the Holi and Shab-e-Barat festivities on Friday, the Delhi Police has increased security in schools, neighbourhoods, and marketplaces to avoid anti-social behaviour or violence. Police in Northeast Delhi, where there are communities with a “mixed population”, have indicated that all staff members will be deployed on the streets this weekend during festival days.

Meanwhile, the Covid rooms at Lok Nayak Hospital — Delhi’s largest Covid care facility — were empty for the first time since the first Covid case was recorded in the national capital in March 2020. While everyone at the hospital is crossing their fingers on the dashboard for tomorrow and beyond, “zero” was cause for quiet happiness today.

In other developments, the BJP leadership in Delhi wants the local body elections to be postponed by six months so that the effects of unification can be seen on the ground, according to top party leaders. “If everything goes as planned, the unification process, along with other improvements, will take around a month. It would take a few months for the results to be seen on the ground”, said a senior BJP leader.

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