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Light And Camera Of The Smartphones Used to Monitor Blood Oxygen level

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Blood-oxygen level

Blood-oxygen level

Researchers have created technology that uses a smartphone’s camera and light to assess blood oxygen levels. The method can be used to identify diseases like COVID-19 and asthma. Pulse oximeters in a medical environment use clips on either the fingertip or ear to assess blood oxygen levels. For other disorders, however, it takes several measurements spread out over the course of a day to identify symptoms. Machine learning algorithms interpret the blood oxygen levels after placing a finger on both the camera and the flash. Smartphones can detect blood oxygen saturation levels as low as 70%, which is the US Food and Drug Administration’s lowest recommended limit for pulse oximeters.

By carefully analyzing the quantity of light from the flash being absorbed by the blood, the smartphone camera was able to determine how much oxygen is in the blood. By training the system on more people, the researchers hope to expand on their previous findings.

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