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Landmines were defused by Telangana police which are laid by Maoists in Mulugu

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            Telangana Police raided a Maoist weapons storage facility in Mulugu district. They discovered and dismantled landmines planted by Maoists in the Wazeedu Mandal protected forest near Penugolu hamlet. Other objects, including explosives, were recovered.

According to accounts, the Maoists planned to assault the police, but a big attempt was thwarted. They laid landmines in the reserve forest near Penugolu hamlet and camouflaged the explosives and equipment.

The land mines were collected and defused by police and members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

There have recently been a number of incidences in which innocent persons and animals have perished as a result of the detonation of landmines reportedly planted by Maoists.

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