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Kyiv Bridge has been blown up to prevent forces from entering; Russian flag has been raised on Kakhovka Administrative Building

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            According to BNO news, the Kyiv bridge has been blown up to prevent Russian soldiers from entering the city.

According to CNN and the Guardian, quoting US authorities, Russian soldiers are now only kilometres (about 20 miles) from Kyiv, and a series of assaults have targeted civilian targets in the city. Volodymyr Zelensky: Who is willing to fight with us? There is no one in sight. Zelensky also claimed that Russian “sabotage forces” had infiltrated the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and asked residents to be watchful and adhere to a curfew.

When asked if Washington and Delhi were entirely in sync on a reaction to Russia’s attack on Ukraine ahead of an expected U.N. Security Council vote, US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that Washington is still in “consultations” with India. Who is willing to ensure Ukraine’s NATO membership?

Biden: We’re meeting with India today. We haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet. The motion is anticipated to be voted on by the United Nations Security Council, of which India is a member, on Friday. As a result of his invasion on Ukraine, Biden predicted Putin would become a pariah on the international arena, and “any nation that countenances Russia’s brazen aggression against Ukraine would be tainted by association”. The United Nations Security Council, of which India is a member, is expected to vote on Friday on a draught resolution condemning Russia for invading Ukraine and requiring Moscow to leave immediately and unconditionally, according to a senior US administration official.

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