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Kremlin Says No Solution To Seal Russia’s Borders Amid Chaos

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The Kremlin maintains there will be no move to close Russia’s borders in the midst of the crisis. The Kremlin says no decision has been made on whether to close Russia’s borders to prevent an outflow of military-aged males from the nation following days of chaos during the country’s partial mobilization for its conflict in Ukraine. When asked about the possibility of the border being closed on Monday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters, “I don’t know anything about this.” At present, no choices have been made.”

 Reports that Russia may seal the border have added to the chaos since President Vladimir Putin issued an order last week to call up hundreds of thousands of reservists in the most significant escalation of the seven-month Ukraine war. Flights out of Russia have sold out, and automobiles have piled up at border crossings, with rumors of a 48-hour line at Georgia’s lone road border, the country’s only pro-Western neighbor that lets Russian nationals enter without a visa.

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