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Kiren Rijiju: Rahul Gandhi Makes People divide India, foreigners don’t know “Pappu”

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Union minister Kiren Rijiju stated regarding Rahul Gandhi’s recent video on Cambridge that the congress leader has become extremely dangerous for India’s unity and is now provoking people to divide India. In this recent tweet, he said that he “self-declared congress prince” crossed all the limits. “This man has become extremely dangerous for India’s unity. Now he’s provoking people to divide India. India’s most popular and loved Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s only mantra is Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat,” the Union minister said. Rahul Gandhi’s speech accused PM Modi of destroying the democratic architecture of India.

“India is a union of states. It is a negotiation, and if you try to force one idea on a union, it will react. I have got a Sikh gentleman sitting here. He is from the Sikh religion. We have Muslims in India, Christians in India, and different languages in India. They are all from India. Mr. Narendra Modi says he is not. Mr. Narendra Modi says he is a second-class citizen in India. I don’t agree with him,” Rahul Gandhi said in his Cambridge speech. “People of India know Rahul Gandhi is Pappu, but foreigners don’t know that he is actually Pappu,” Rijiju added.

“There should be a limit to relaunching the same product. Being relaunched in London, and the same gang actively follows marketing in India,” he stated. On his UK tour, Rahul Gandhi was recently accused by the BJP of insulting India’s democracy from a foreign land.

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