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Khushbu Sundar Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused By Her Father, “Traumatizes a Child For Life”

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Khushbu Abused By Her Father

Khushbu Abused By Her Father

Actor-turned-politician Khusbhu Sundar has always been very vocal about her views. People appreciate her courage as she recently opened up about childhood sexual abuse. The BJP leader, appointed to the National Commission for Women(NCW), spoke about her life story and said what she went through as a child. At age eight, Khushbu Sundar went through sexual abuse by her father, and she couldn’t open up until age 15. In her recent interviews with India Today, the Annatthe actor said that the trauma she went through as a child has scarred her for life, and she was fighting for the remaining day. “I think when I speak so voraciously about women’s rights and child abuse, it should be taken that I have been part of that. That’s why I feel it’s so close to my heart. When I say it scars a child for life, trust me, it does. I have had a very supportive family; my husband, my children, and you must move forward. Today, when I speak about it, it’s because my daughters give me strength,” stated Khushbu emphatically.

“You feel this is close to your heart, and you will work in that line. They say that you are not supposed to be ashamed of what happened to you. You should be a shining example and say that whatever happens, you need to move forward in the right direction, and nothing can bog you down; nothing can break you,” explained Khushbu. She added that it was not easy to deal with abuse as a child as it is mentally and emotionally traumatic, but there’s not much recourse. “You realize what’s happening is wrong because it’s happening behind closed doors and within the four walls. And then you’re threatened not to talk about it to anyone as they will face the consequences,” said the Meera actor. The actor and politician is not someone to mince words to, and she is clear that her childhood trauma was part of her even today. Khushbu stated, “It stays with me – I will not say it’s behind me. It’s very close to my heart. This is why I react when I see this type of abuse happening.” With her new position at the NCW, Khushbu has always been busy balancing her political work and cinema with aplomb. While she signed off, she said, “I attended a few events this morning in Chennai, and now I am off to Hyderabad for dinner hosted by Her Excellency Tamilisai Soundararajan.”

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