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Kerala Woman Gang – Raped In Bengaluru By Bike Taxi Driver And His Friend

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On Friday of last week in Bengaluru, a bike taxi driver and his companion are accused of gang-raping a 22-year-old woman. According to the police, the woman’s report led to the arrest of the accused pair on Tuesday. Around midnight on Friday, the woman, who is from Kerala, made a bike taxi reservation to go to her friend’s house.

The woman was drunk when she made a bike reservation via a ride-sharing app, according to the police. The woman was driven to her location but was unable to dismount the bike due to her condition. She was then driven to the driver’s house, where a woman was waiting for her. He invited one of his buddies, and they both alternated raping the woman.

The second woman present in the home, who kept the rape victim’s friends in the dark about the incident, is said to have aided the criminals as well, according to the police. When the survivor regained consciousness the following day, she discovered that she was in pain and went to a neighboring hospital. The doctors reported the incident to the police.

The two guys, who were both reportedly participating in the gang rape, were taken into custody by the Electronic City Police after a complaint was filed. Police conducted a forensic investigation at the crime scene, according to Commissioner Pratap Reddy. He added that the police are also looking into the backgrounds of both accused because it looks like one of them has a criminal past. “We will summon the app’s proprietors to ensure safety measures on the app,” he said.

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