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Kerala trekker finally saved after 2 days of trapped in hill cleft by Army

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            R Babu, a Kerala trekker who had been stuck for two days without food or water in a hill cleft in Malampuzha village in the state’s Palakkad district, was ultimately rescued by a team of Army men following a massive effort. R Babu, a trekker from Kerala, became stuck in a hill cleft without food or water. After a massive effort, he was rescued by a team of Army soldiers. The rescue effort, reported to be one of the largest in recent memory, also included Navy and National Disaster Response Force members (NDRF).

Lt General Arun of the Army’s Southern Command informed the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) that a specialised team will leave Bengaluru shortly. The squad, which specialises in mountaineering and rescue, would have to go by road because night-time helicopter flying is difficult. According to a member of one of the rescue teams, while the heat is intolerable during the day, it gets windy and chilly in the evening and late at night. After the Coast Guard’s attempts failed, a National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team was attempting to reach the kid, who looked to be seated in a small depression on the mountain face, according to TV images.

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