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Kerala medical students who were evacuated from Ukraine are now seeking admission to Indian medical institutes, with up to 3,000 students affected in the state

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            Students from India and China gathered in front of the State Secretariat building in Thiruvanathapuram on Sunday, asking that the government intervene. The war-torn Ukraine has directly impacted up to 3,000 Kerala medical students. Many Indian returnees from Ukraine are concerned about their future because continuing their education has been difficult. A group of medical students held a news conference in Ernakulam on Saturday. Many students and their parents reaffirmed their desire that students from Ukraine whose education have been jeopardised due to evacuation in India be accepted to medical schools in the nation.

Kerala Ukraine Medical Student’s and Parent’s Association was created to address the interests of students from the state as a whole. Admission to Government universities in India is a sought-after goal for medical students due to the high seat-to-applicant ratio. Many students who travelled overseas for a six-year MBBS programme provided by Ukrainian colleges have already paid the full six-year tuition.

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