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Kazakhstan Mine Explosion Kills 5

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At least five people were killed and four more were hurt on Thursday in a methane explosion at a coal mine in central Kazakhstan, according to officials. According to Ruslan Imankulov, a spokesman for the nation’s emergency ministry, the event took place in the ArcelorMittal-owned Lenin mine.

Five workers perished as a result of a rapid gas release that occurred while a drainage well was being drilled, according to Imankulov. “106 individuals were evacuated, and four persons were hospitalized.”

To determine if there may have been any potential safety regulation violations, a government panel has launched an investigation. The catastrophe, according to the governor of Karaganda, the region where the mine is located, was brought on by a “methane explosion.” The gas has the potential to ignite when mixed with a specific amount of oxygen.

The family and friends of the deceased workers received condolence messages from Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who also wished the injured a “speedy recovery.” Along with considerable reserves of uranium, manganese, iron, and chromium, Kazakhstan also contains large reserves of coal, gas, and oil. In former Soviet Union countries, such mine accidents are frequent due to lax safety and deteriorated infrastructure.

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