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Kazakhstan Election: Incumbent President Tokayev Wins Landslide Victory

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According to early findings, Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has been re-elected as head of state. The largest nation in Central Asia’s voting population gave him a resounding victory. Independent observers have criticized the election for, in their opinion, lacking competitiveness. But the regional power broker, Russian President Vladimir Putin, praised Tokayev for his “convincing” victory.

Kazakhstan once belonged to Soviet Russia. 69-year-old Tokayev assumed office in 2019. According to the election authority of the oil-rich nation, Tokayev received 81.21 percent of the vote. Within a week, the final results were supposed to be public following the counting of overseas ballots. Election results were not unexpected because Tokayev’s opponents were hardly recognized. None received a double-digit score, and 5.8% of voters opposed every candidate.

Twelve million eligible voters showed up to the polls, or little over 69 percent, according to election officials. As the results came in, Tokayev stated, “The people have clearly expressed their confidence in me and we have to prove it.” The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) mission nonetheless claimed that the election lacked “competitiveness” and demonstrated the necessity of legislative revisions. Kazakhstan, a country rich in natural resources and at the intersection of significant trade routes, descended into turmoil during protests against high living costs in January, which resulted in 238 fatalities.

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