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Kashmir: Gulmarg shivers at -6 degree Celsius

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            On Thursday, the upper portions of the Kashmir valley, including the famed ski resort of Gulmarg, received additional snowfall, while the lowlands were pounded by storms, resulting in bitterly cold temperatures.

Rainfall was also reported in several cities and regions around the valley.

Gulmarg had 19 cm of fresh snowfall till 08:30 a.m. today, despite low of -6.0 degree Celsius compared to minus 8.0 degree Celsius the previous night, according to the meteorological service. The lowest temperature at Pahalgam was – 6.1 degrees Celsius, down from minus 6.2 degrees a day earlier.

The temperature at Qazigund, on the Srinagar-Jammu route, dropped to minus 2.8 degrees Celsius, compared to minus 0.3 degrees the night before. The temperature in Kupwara, in north Kashmir, dropped to minus 2.2 degrees Celsius.

Between February 2-4, the meteorological service predicted mild to heavy rain and snow in South Kashmir and Jammu. It further stated that light rain/snow is most probable in dispersed locations between February 6-7, and that thunderstorms/hailstorms are possible in the Jammu region on February 3rd.

According to reports from Budgam district, Chrar-e-shareef has gotten 4-8 inches of snow, Nagbal Yusmarg has received 4-8 inches, Dadampore Surasyar has received 3-5 inches, Khansahib Raiyar has received 3-4 inches, and Khag has received 3-4 inches. Overall, the weather will likely stay (erratic) until February 8, partially owing to the fact that it will be mostly gloomy with some light snowfall in isolated areas.

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