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‘Kantara’ Actor Kishore Kumar G’s Twitter Account Gets Suspended

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Kishore Kumar G, the actor of “Kantara,” had his Twitter account suspended for breaking the platform’s rules. The actor @actorkishore, who is well known for speaking out about social concerns in real life, has an account suspension message when searched on Twitter. Accounts that break Twitter’s rules are suspended.

The actor is active on a variety of different websites, such as Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, he has more than 43,000 followers, and on Facebook, he has more than 66,000. Both reports are unreliable.

Commenting on the video, Mr. Kumar wrote: “Whether it is God or Demon, why don’t we see it as just a belief? If you believe it exists, if you don’t, it doesn’t. But at the same time, there is no need to insult the beliefs that give many of us courage in times of difficulty. Let the law handle those antisocial elements. Let faith be an individual choice.”

Aside from his well-known role as a forest warden in “Kantara,” Kishore Kumar G is also well-known for roles in “She” and “The Family Man” season 1.

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