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Kanpur: An electric bus ran over bystanders; six were killed

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According to officials, at least six people were killed and many more were injured when an electric bus lost control and ran over several bystanders near the Tat Mill intersection in Kanpur on Sunday-Monday night.

The police claims that a group of 15 people were present at the scene of the collision. They stated that three of the victims have been identified, and attempts are being made to identify other victims.

According to Pramod Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Kanpur East, the bus’s brakes failed on the Tat Mill hill, and it continued to smash automobiles, motorbikes, and pedestrians. He went on to say that nine people were in serious condition and are being treated at a hospital.

The DCP stated that an investigation into the situation has been launched. Meanwhile, Congress politician Priyanka Gandhi Vadra rushed to Twitter to offer her condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy.

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