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Kamal Haasan Admitted To Chennai Hospital Because Of His Health Issue

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Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

#Sri Ramachandra Medical Center (SRMC) announced #Ulaganayagan #Kamal Haasan’s admission on November 23. According to accounts, he was admitted to the hospital for a standard checkup. He reportedly had a fever and underwent treatment for it. He should rest up for the next several days, the doctors reportedly advised, according to the reports. The actor got his release today, November 24. Pictures of him with his instructor, the well-known director K Vishwanath, taken recently in Hyderabad are trending on social media.

Kamal Haasan is currently doing as the host of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6. The actor has hosted the program for the previous six seasons, and it has been a huge hit.

On November 23, Kamal Haasan felt uneasy and had a slight fever. After returning from Hyderabad, he was moved to a private hospital in Chennai for extra care. He received the same care from the medical professionals, who suggested he take it easy for a few days to recover. On Thursday, Kamal Haasan was treated and discharged.

Kamal Haasan went to Hyderabad early this year due to work commitments. He went to see his guru, K Vishwanath and took part in a few city activities. Currently, Kamal Haasan is filming for Shankar’s Indian 2 and Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6. After completing Indian 2, he will collaborate with Mani Ratnam on KH 234, which would also mark the Nayakan team’s comeback. A director named Pa Ranjith also contributed to the legend’s film.

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