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‘Jimmy Jimmy’: Chinese Mock Zero-Covid Policy With Popular Indian Song

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A well-known Bollywood song from the 1980s has become a vehicle for millions of Chinese to express their anger with Beijing’s strict zero-Covid policy. People frequently utilize “Jimmy, Jimmy, Aaja Aaja,” a popular Hindi song from the 1982 movie “Disco Dancer,” to ridicule the government on the short-form video platform Douyin (the Chinese equivalent of TikTok). The song “Jimmy, Jimmy,” written by the late Bappi Lahiri and performed by Parvati Khan, is sung in Mandarin as “Give me rice, give me rice,” which emphasizes how people have been unable to buy even necessities during the lockdown. The Ottawan song “T’es OK, T’es Bath” served as inspiration for the Hindi tune.

Users are shown dancing and lip-syncing to the well-known Hindi song in the social media videos while carrying an empty vessel, wearing a “bindi” and a homemade saree, which are traditional Indian women’s clothing. Surprisingly, the action has escaped the censors’ keen eyes in China, who are fast to remove anything they believe to be disparaging of President Xi Jinping and his policies. The local governments are employing the zero-Covid policy, which combines lockdowns, vaccinations, and contact tracing, to put a stop to rare outbreaks. Due to the tight policy’s restrictions on personal freedom, food shortages, and lack of access to necessary medical care, the population is outraged.

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