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Jeremiah Green, Drummer Of The Band Modest Mouse, Is Diagnosed With Cancer

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Jeremiah Green

Jeremiah Green

Modest Mouse’s drummer Jeremiah Green has been identified as having stage 4 cancer. As soon as the band announced it on Instagram, the news spread virally.

The rock band’s lead singer Isaac Brock said, “Some of you may have already heard, but I figured it would be good to hear the news directly from our camp. Jeremiah was diagnosed with cancer a short while ago, and he’s currently in treatment. It seems to be going smoothly and making a positive difference. Jeremiah, as am I, are believers in the power of positive energy, so if you would be so kind as to send ‘good vibes’ (to quote Jeremiah) in the direction of Jeremiah and his family, that’d be great.”

Jeremiah Green’s mother sent a request for “healing vibes” on Facebook after the news broke. She remarked that her son is courageous and persevering. Since 1992, when he, Brock, and former bassist Eric Judy founded the group, Jeremiah Green has served as Modest Mouse’s drummer. In 2003, he left the group, but later that year, he came back.

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