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Japan Protests Russia’s Detention Of A Diplomat In Vladivostok

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Japan has condemned Russia for “unreasonable” behavior and promised “similar actions” after the Russian federal security service detained a diplomat in Vladivostok and accused him of spying. Tatsunori Motoki, who works at the Japanese Consulate General in the city, was freed after a few hours and designated a “persona non grata,” according to an anonymous government source quoted by Japan’s Kyodo news agency. Motoki was ordered to leave Russia within 48 hours, according to the report.

In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno called Motoki’s detention “regrettable, reprehensible, and inconceivable,” accusing the FSB of bullying the envoy. On Monday, Russia’s security service reported the arrest of a Japanese consul in Vladivostok for alleged espionage and ordered him to leave the country.

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