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Japan King’s Public New Year Appearance Signals Return To Normalcy

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Japan King

Japan King

As the nation and the royal family gradually return to normalcy, Japanese Emperor Naruhito made his first public New Year’s greetings since 2020 on Monday. He cautioned resuming the traditional practice. It was planned for Naruhito to make six brief appearances at a glass-covered balcony of the palace throughout the day to express his wish for everyone to be happy. Empress Masako would join him. Along with other family members, the pair was joined by their daughter Aiko, the former Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko, and Naruhito’s parents.

To stop the coronavirus from spreading, only roughly 1,500 well-wishers at a time who were chosen by lottery were permitted to visit the enormous palace in the Japanese capital. Nearly 70,000 well-wishers attended Naruhito’s new year’s address in 2020 before the pandemic began to devastate Japan. To avoid infections, the palace called off the event in 2021 and 2022.

“I am truly happy that I am able to celebrate the new year together with you after three years,” he said.

“As we stand at the start of this year, I wish for the happiness of people of our country and the world.” In 2022, the royal couple gradually started making public appearances again.

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