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Italy To Test Flyers From China As 50% Of Passengers In Milan Test Covid Positive

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Italian health authorities will start testing all travelers arriving from China for Covid after discovering the virus in nearly half of the travelers on two flights to Milan. According to a statement from the Health Ministry, they are also sequencing the Milan tests to check for any new variations. Officials may put harsher restrictions on departure from the nation if a new strain is discovered.

Since the Chinese government abandoned its tight zero-Covid policy, the virus has been spreading there. Countries, notably the US, have been encouraged to consider new immigration restrictions due to uncertainty concerning the spread’s scope. Later on Wednesday, during a cabinet meeting, the Italian government is scheduled to address the number of travelers who traveled to Milan. Orazio Schillaci, the health minister, could also provide details on the tests.

The majority of people who tested positive were symptom-free. However, local media stated that health officials are becoming more worried about new Covid versions from China.

Italy was the first European nation to be severely impacted by Covid in early 2020. Italy’s high vaccination rate is a plus, even though the high viral prevalence has the authorities on high alert. According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% of people have received all their recommended vaccinations, and many have additionally received booster injections. Most of Western Europe shares a similar story.

“We have no indication that a more dangerous mutation has developed in China that would give rise to a declaration of a virus variant area, which would result in corresponding travel restrictions,” he added.

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