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Israel reports the country’s first polio case in decades

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          The Health Ministry reported Sunday that a case of polio was identified in Israel for the first time in several decades, prompting worries of an outbreak of the practically eradicated illness.

According to the ministry, a modified strain of the virus that can cause disease in the unvaccinated was detected in a 4-year-old kid in Jerusalem. He had not been immunised against the virus.

The case was thought to be the first polio diagnosis in Israel since 1989, when the illness had been nearly eradicated by an extensive immunisation effort.

Traces of the virus were discovered in wastewater systems throughout Israel in 2013, but no human diagnoses were recorded. The Jerusalem Health Bureau has launched an epidemiological inquiry into the matter and will notify everybody who had contact with the afflicted youngster. The revelation, on the other hand, compelled Israel to start a large immunisation campaign among young children. Following the diagnosis, the Health Ministry recommended parents whose children are behind on their vaccination schedule to acquire them the essential immunizations as soon as possible.

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